Exterior facade of Stellantis Design studio surrounded in nature Exterior facade of Stellantis Design studio surrounded in nature

Our studio

Creative approach

Understand project requirements and future context

  • Brand, market & products
  • Customer experience
  • Life centric
  • Future trends
  • Sustainability & technology

Consider is the first step that guarantees the design study will be addressed most effectively. By understanding the market, brand, values, expectation, ambition, customer experience, future trends, sustainability goal, we build the global picture with the relevant insights in order to elevate the project at the right level.

Elevate, ideate and challenge conventions

  • Brand architecture & strategy
  • User experience
  • Product, mobility, service design ideationn

On order to create the most advanced projects that deliver memorable and inspiring impact, we explore user experience that elevate the customer experience. We use all our creativity and imagination to ideate and challenge conventions to conceive innovative design solutions with a unique design language tailored to your brand and needs.

Develop global and sustainable brand design experiences and products

  • Design development
  • Industrial Design & Perceived Quality
  • Architecture & interior design
  • Apparel Design
  • Brand visual identity
  • Brand design guidelines
  • Methodology

Even the best ideas alone do not guarantee the success of a project or product. The design development phase integrates all of the various technical and manufacturing constraints, organized in loops of design development, attention to detalls, convergence, calling upon our perceived quality expertise. We use the latest technologies for prototyping and visualization to evaluate the project during all the steps of the development phase.

Amplify brand contribution and product messaging

  • Graphic & Motion design
  • Brand Book and Content
  • Images & animated assets
  • Digital and phyusical prototypes

In a world that is more global and more competitive, impactful and coherent communication package is paramount. Effective communication emphasizes the characteristics of the products and enriches the brand image. We define for our clients a unique brand identity which is absolutely essential for the identification, success and durability of a brand.

The Stellantis design Studio offers a board range of services tailored specifically to our client needs. Following 4 staged approach we offer clients support from initial product and brand evaluation through to the identification of brand, product and Graphic and User experience design opportunities, design development and the delivery of communication assets.

Creative team with 4 managers and 10 creative designer Creative team with 4 managers and 10 creative designer


Klaus Busse image

Klaus Busse

Head of Stellantis Design Studio

"Stellantis Design Studio provides our customers access to the unparalleled creative power of the Stellantis universe. We provide white label design or specific design with the teams of any of our brands including Peugeot,  Jeep®  and Maserati”

Rozenn  Rouat image

Rozenn Anne Rouat

Global performance & Strategic business

"Embracing the multicultural richness of our unique global network, we connect people locally, bringing Stellantis expertise and innovation for our clients to strengthen their business and perform everywhere."

Loïc Rigaud image

Loïc Rigaud

Clients development, partnerships and Communication

"At Stellantis Design Studio we are obsessed with defining design strategy to help our clients to develop a better brand, better products, better experience. We provide high skilled consultancy services to help our clients to build their brand recognition, achieve goals and deliver on the vision, contributing to a better planet."

Hugo Nightingale image

Hugo Nightingale

Global Creative Director

"As designers we are here to help shape our future. Passionate about all forms of design and highly creative the Stelllantis Design studio team openly invites you to join us as we consider the future, understanding our responsibility and helping shape a desirable world for tomorrow’s generations."

A team that dares

We are a team of design enthusiasts with different complementary talents, multicultural background and local presence.

We have the ability to integrate additional design talents within Stellantis design activities and build the perfect skilled set team to lead projects.

Design strategy image Design strategy image

Design strategy

Customer experience, life centric approach, future trends, sustainability, data & tech consultancy, AI.

Brand experience image Brand experience image

Brand experience & brand design

Holistic brand experience, market, strategy & brand architecture, brand identity, brand design guidelines, customer experience: apparel design, lifestyle design, interior design.

Creative wokshop in the tech hollographic systeme of Stellantis Creative wokshop in the tech hollographic systeme of Stellantis

Transportation & product design

User experience, ideation, exterior design, interior design, CMF, advanced design, development, convergence and industrial design, perceived quality.

Graphic designer working on a font development Graphic designer working on a font development

Communication, graphic & motion design

Digital & physical prototype, renderings & animated communication assets, graphic & motion design, brand book.

Global network

Get access to the most advanced innovative & Industrial design expertise, agile organization and successful methodology to perform, everywhere in the world.

Current locations in Paris, Turin, Shanghai, São Paulo, Casablanca and Detroit.

Mondial map pointing the 5 design studios located in sao paolo, detroit, paris, casablanca ,and shangai Mondial map pointing the 5 design studios located in sao paolo, detroit, paris, casablanca ,and shangai