Pecqueur Motorists brand and watch design

We have created the graphic signature of the Pecqueur Motorists, "Mechanical Arts in Motion", that combines aesthetics and technical innovation with dynamic motion.

Logo Pecqueur with stellar interpretation Logo Pecqueur with stellar interpretation

The regular movement of the stars, which is just as much a spectacle of beauty as it is the way we first understood time and space, provided us the inspiration for the creation of the Pecqueur brand logotype. Based on a graphic fusion between the initials O and P of Onésiphore Pecqueur, the logotype design hinges on a rotation axis of 17°, which enables it to remain in perpetual motion and generates a balance in the proportions and brings stability.
The watch's case sculpted, elegant and subtle features give the the watch a finer and lighter outline. The fluid and sensual design of the case components is animated by subtle material effects, featuring play between brushed, polished, and satin-finished metal.

details and variations of technical elements details and variations of technical elements
sketch of the pecqueur watch sketch of the pecqueur watch

Dial design

For the dial, we have built the design of the watch based on simple geometric figures such as circle and disc that take reference from some of the first mechanisms for measuring time : sundials, which consist of a circle and a gnomon or pointer, that were used for centuries.

Each circle was designed considering the whole composition made of different clockworks, outlining the volumes and create a perfect the mechanical heart of the watch, the differential gear, magnified by the bridge that invites to dive into the heart of the mechanical revolution of the GMT complication.

Hamdi Chatti, project supervisor for the timepiece of Pecqueur Motorists for BPM Group says :
“The stylistic choices made by Stellantis Design Studio are a testament to their considerable watchmaking culture. They are anything but bland. The perfect harmony of the different circles, each with their own function, act as a foil to the differential.”

pecqueur watch first model pecqueur watch first model